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Hayward School of Dimensional Sign Making // Lodging
Most of our students choose to stay right here at the resort (check out woodhaven-resort.com ) in one of our five cabins. We have special student discounted rates (check out Dates & Rates page on this website). These students enjoy the convenience and easy accessibility to the shop, not to mention the great views of the lake!
There are also many motels and hotels in the area including, the Chip-Wa Motel, less than a mile away. Also, the LCO Casino has rooms available, and is only five miles away.
A note about meals:
lunches are included with your tuition. Attendees staying at the resort will be able to stock their cabins with food. There is a full-size kitchen in each cabin. There is a little corner general store less than a mile from the resort and a number of large grocery stores in Hayward (13 miles).
There are a good number of restaurants in close proximity to the resort, including two breakfast places, a diner, and a fantastic steakhouse, all within a couple of miles of the school.