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Hayward School of Dimensional Sign Making // Syllabus
How the day goes:
Instruction starts at 9:00am daily. Preparation of the demonstration class projects begin, a four sq. ft. sandblasted sign that involves many of the techniques used in making dimensional signs. Students will have their choice of a number of pre-designed signs that when finished, serves as a certificate of graduation. There is a break for lunch (provided in the lodge right next to the classroom) at 1:00pm (daily). After lunch at approx. 2:00pm, sandblasting of the class projects takes place and the first of two background coats of stain is applied.
Work continues on the class projects and layout and preparation of a second project of the students own design starts. Before arriving for the class, the students should give some thought to a design for a sign that they would like to make during the class. Our manufacture sponsors have afforded us with an additional 4 sq. ft. of materials for this purpose. The sign can be for your own shop, a friend or family member or even for a customer back home. Mary helps refine the design and prepares it for cutting sandblast stencil and/or for machining on the CNC router.
Work continues on both student projects. At timely moments during the morning portions of the workshops, Mike conducts short demonstrations on a variety of techniques and topics including: CNC routing, glue seams, fasteners, patching and repairs, gilding, faux finishes, textures and installations.
Finish-up on all projects takes place. Photos are taken including a complete class picture with students and instructors. Break for lunch at 1:00pm. After lunch students are free to continue working if they need extra time or, set off for home, especially if they have a long drive ahead of them. We also help to arrange getting their projects home.
A note about enjoying the area during class sessions
The afternoon is reserved for hands-on work with the instructor, who is available for questions and help. However, it is also the time, weather permitting, that the student may also take advantage of the plethora of things to do and see in the area. After all, the area is known as Vacation Land. The shop is available at all hours of the day and night so students that take off an afternoon will be able to make up the work whenever they like.